Pharmaskincare Lightening Line helps minimize age spots, and other signs of hyperpigmentation due to menopause, hormones and damage caused by overexposure to the sun. Dead skin and unwanted age spots diminish leaving skin vibrant, refreshed and flawlessly beautiful.

Lightening Cleanser

Lightening Cleanser is the first step in the battle against hyper-pigmentation, patchy skin, and age spots. This active, cleansing formula is enhanced with Certified Organic Japanese Green Tea and Apple... Learn More

$ 56.40

Lightening Dermaheal AM-PM

Lightening Dermaheal helps reveal clear, evenly toned skin. Envrionmental toxins and over exposure to sun can lead to hyper-pigmention in the skin. Lightening Dermaheal is a restorative formula that works to... Learn More

$ 96.00

Lightening Exfoliator

Lightening Exfoliator gently yet effectively targets and removes dead skin cells to help speed up the process of lightening facial areas affected by hyper-pigmentation. Certified Organic and key ingredients work... Learn More

$ 66.00

Lightening Lightenmore

Lightening More has the power to help wipe out the telltale signs of aging and leave skin with a smooth, more youthful tone. Lightening More is formulated with potent and... Learn More

$ 99.60

Lightening Microepidermal Masque Stick

Lightening Micro Epidermal Masque Stick is a powerful part of the Advanced Science Lightening treatment. The Masque Stick contains bio-active skincare ingredients that can help regenerate damaged skin. Fortified with... Learn More
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Lightening Pigment Whitening

Lightening Pigment Whitening is a highly effective agent to repair age and sun spots. Lightening Pigment Whitening has the power to balance existing melanin in facial skin while actively working... Learn More

$ 108.00

Lightening Toner

Lightening Toner is the second step in the battle against hyper-pigmentation, patchy skin, and age spots. The powerful blend of Certified Organic Marigold, Witch Hazel, and Lavender extracts work together... Learn More

$ 54.00