Soy Proteine Line




Soy Protein products have been created for skin in particular need of hydration: Exceptionally dry skin or skin undergoing the drying effects of menopause. Soy has remarkable protective benefits and is a source of essential fatty acids that help the skin's ability to retain moisture. In addition, products contain Grape Seed Extract that helps restore collagen and circulation; Cucumber Extract known for its anti-inflammatory benefits; Seaweed helps retain moisture and Tea Tree Oil- one of the most natural antiseptics and germicidal properties.

PH Parfait Vit A Lightening

Ph Parfait Vit a Lightening System is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging system which neutralizes free radicals and toxins which can damage your complexion to leave skin healthy, protected and... Learn More

$ 78.00

PH Parfait Vit A Retinol

Ph Parfait Vit a Antioxidant Retinol System combines the powers of biological derivatives with soya plant and grape seed plant extracts to create an effective anti-aging system which is gentle... Learn More

$ 85.20

PH Protee Jour Antioxidant Protein System (Day)

PH Protee Jour Antioxidant Protein System (Day) is a concentrated formula of organic plant-based products including soya plant and grape seed extract which combine together to promote healthy, youthful and... Learn More

$ 84.00

PH Protee Nuit Antioxidant Protein System Night

Ph Protee Nuit Antioxidant Protein System is a concentrated formula of plant-based and active ingredients which work as a powerful antioxidant cream to combat signs of aging and protect skin... Learn More

$ 96.00

Soya C Clarifying Cleanser

Soya Clarifying Cleanser uses powerful nutrients from Soya protein and vitamins to maximize the benefits of skin cleansing by rejuvenating skin to protect itself from free radicals and toxins which... Learn More

$ 50.40

Soya C Purifying Toner

Soya C Purifying Toner is a unique formulation that contains the rejuvenating and rich skin nutrients of Soya Protein blended with Vitamins to maximize the cleansing and toning process. Balances... Learn More

$ 48.00