Active Principle Serums




Active Principle Serums have been created to not only restore skin health, but to help prevent future damage. These exceptional products were designed to work with the skin's natural ability to renew itself, expediting the process while minimizing the signs of wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, sagging and stretch marks.

Anti Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum is a highly effective and scientifically formulated serum that gently penetrates the top layer of skin to help repair tissue damage. Combining pure vitamins, hydrolyzed silk and yeast... Learn More

$ 84.00

Brightening Serum

The Brightening Serum Plus is a remarkably effective treatment for hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and sun damaged skin. Its power is in the unique blend of Aspergilus ferment, Glycyrrhiza Glabra and natural... Learn More

$ 84.00

Cellulite Serum

Cellulite Serum helps you fight cellulite to reveal tight, firm, and radiant skin. The advanced formula combines carnitine and caffeine that together, help to activate the lipolysis process increasing the... Learn More

$ 84.00

Oxiana Serum

Oxiana Serum is a unique serum created to encourage and aid in the skin healing process. Skin is easily damaged by harmful sun rays, toxins, and free radicals in the... Learn More

$ 84.00

Purifying Serum

Purifying Serum is a healing formula which helps to remove blemishes and impurities while promoting the skin's balanced and natural moisture state for healthy, glowing skin. Botanical oils and infused... Learn More

$ 84.00

Stretch Mark Serum

Stretch Mark Serum features a unique blend of powerful ingredients designed to assist with the healing of damaged tissues such as stretch marks, skin discolorations, and more. Amino acid compounds... Learn More

$ 84.00

Under 30s Serum

Under Serum is specially designed for maturing skin to prevent wrinkles and fine lines so skin stays radiantly youthful long-term. Advanced lipid technology helps improve basal cell health, prevent water... Learn More

$ 84.00